May 25 thru 27, 2018  in Southern California

Weekend Retreat

  •  3 days of fun, painting, dance, good food 
  • Beautiful setting complete with rustic cabins
  • Five painting and dance sessions
  •  Nighttime fun, songs, dance and story telling

Friday May 25, 2018   4:00 pm through Sunday May 27, 2018   5:00 pm.


Rassouli painting
includes painting and dance sessions, room and board: $ 680

This is a one-of-a-kind transformational retreat for those who are interested in expanding their creativity in painting and other mediums to make a change in their life. It is geared towards developing mastery in painting for emerging and professional artists. During this special retreat participants will benefit from Rassouliís artistic expertise and mystical experiences in a unique form of guidance. The Weekend Retreat is held in an atmosphere filled with creative energy and camaraderie. Under his direction, every one learns how to translate their spiritual experiences from their subconscious onto the canvas.

Private Session with Rassouli


There is also an opportunity for those who wish to talk privately with Rassouli in his studio prior to the retreat or the day after it and receive constructive advice from the master about subjects such as how to publish your artworks, how to exhibit at galleries and special ways of making a living doing what you love to do. You will be able to discuss your specific challenges with the master and receive valuable guidance from him. Private lessen fee is $100 per 30 minutes discussion. Since the space is limited, please send us an email to info@AvatarFineArts.com to schedule your private session. 


Refundable deposit of $200 to secure your place

Need help?

Contact: Carole or Tina at:

Direct line to: Rassouli Art Studio
4642 Louise Ave. Encino, CA 91316

Painting Retreat 

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