Ignite your creativity and learn to
transform your experience of creating art into your life

Wisdom of Madness Playshop Online
under Rassouli's guidance and demonstration
Master the art of Colors - Color the art of masters

In this online format, you can join via live broadcast on Zoom and have the opportunity to learn from Rassouli’s good and bad experiences in his creative life, listen to his guidance and instruction, paint at home following each assignment, listen to the attending participant's discussing their challenges and aha moments as they show their paintings. During these sessions, you will have plenty of opportunities to discuss your own experiences, and show your works online to receive valuable guidance.  

Under Rassouli's guidance and demonstration, you will learn from those who came before us, and learn the way to steal their inspiration and ideas and make them totally yours, rather than copying them. You will be encouraged to dive deeper than the surface and learn what inspired the style of great artists. Why did they make certain choices? What were they trying to accomplish, so you will be able to take their ideas and own it.

Learn and practice the way of the masters,
and use the approach in your art, relationships, career and in your life.

  Every Saturday from 8 to 10 am Los Angeles time for 10 weeks

June 25th through August 27th 2022

Enjoy creating works of art even if you've never touched a paintbrush

The entire broadcast remains available for one week after the live stream,
so you can revisit the contents at your leisure.


Rassouli is a widely exhibited artist, an architect, and the author and artist of over 23 books and oracle cards, including known "Book of Creativity" which is a guideline for the art of self-creation. His "Sufi Wisdom Oracle" won the title of the "Best Oracle Cards" among many global entries in 2020 competition. Rassouli is the founder of Fusionart movement in art, which is a fusion of dream and reality. He shares his idea as "the Wisdom of Madness" in his weekly Zoom sessions, and on Spotify and Apple podcasts. Rassouli's main focus is to reveal the shortcuts that he has learned and experienced in his journey from creating inspirational arts into living a value-driven life.


I am sincerely grateful for the opportunity to attend this workshop, I feel very supported by that I am in the common zoom room hold by you and at the same time I am in my home. When I'm on Zoom with you and all the participants, I energetically absorb and download this energy..... Reet

I am so thankful for our playshop. The fact that there are people interested in these topics we share each Saturday and more than that experience them, is really special. Everyone's courage for expression is inspiring......Rosario
I love the way you make our reserve melting away. Making it happening with children is not difficult, but it takes some doing to call out the essence of adults. You have a sweet energy you are sharing with us. Everyone is being drawn into engaging with you just as the canvas is. Thank you for doing this for us..…Naomi

The highlight of the workshop for me is to be in the midst of the flow of creative energy. It is like being in an adult candy store, never knowing what sweets will be found. Each participant provides a unique experience......Jackie
I felt compelled to join the workshop. .... The flow of colors and spirituality feeds my soul and energizes me. .... I felt 2 sides of the same coin...drawn to unblocking creativity and finding my style.. I appreciated the art discussion and the beauty of everyone's artwork.... Irene

Thank you ever so much for orchestrating such a creative event. My life is never the same after having shared time with you from far away.….David

Thank you so much for getting us digitally together to work in our artistic endeavors. I am having so much fun learning the process and watching you paint. And I appreciate all of the feedback and help that you gave to us.... Jaime



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